"Tanks are better than you."

Gotta move that gear up!
This page is under construction, come back later general!

type :les tank sert de défansse il sont très facile à batre

poids: entre 30 et 50

la petit coute 50 pièce, le moyen 100 et le gros 200


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
photo level Name Description cost
Traps Mines, Geysers, Trapped Slabs, Tesla Antennas
Artillery Turrets, tanks, cannons, vannons, rototanks, boss
Support Power ups, mercenaries, (skill tree), reserve
Troops Trackers, Snipers, Bunkers, Turtles, Heli-Towers
Territories Expansion, Buget
Training Training, Strategy
Guides Link to guides
MISC Attacking, defending, cards, achievements, hidden achievements, Daily Missions, currency, Armory, medals

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