Sometimes your pigment army and your tactics aren't enough to win the day. Sometimes you are gonna get into a jam and you just don't have the troops to unjam yourself. Command is pretty stingy after all.

That's why we found these power up assets on the field. They aren't given to you by command, and you sure as hell aren't going to tell them.

List of power ups! Edit

You have to buy the power ups before they can appear.

Frenzy! Edit

Official description: "Greatly increases your soldiers' rate of fire for 10 seconds during an attack." "Load up those stolen Belt clips! We got an ARMY to fight!" Your troops shoot insanely fast for ten seconds.

Basically, your troops gain an insane fire rate, shredding basically anything, from tanks to troops, into scrap metal and paint blobs. This is a very useful power for going up against large armies with the flag bearer at the back or for whittling down tanks quickly.

Artillery support Edit

"A squad of heavy tanks has made it to our position! Not sure where they came from but WHO CARES?!"

Summons three heavy tanks to bomb the living hell out of the battlefield. Timing is everything with this power up, be aware that it shells everything ON SCREEN, so ensure that you get a large enough force attacking you before you drop 9 paint shells onto their heads.

Missed me!Edit

Official description: "For 10 seconds, your pigments are invincible to traps, bullets, and hand to hand combat." "No help is coming for us, So lets help ourselves!"

Makes your troops temporarily invincible to everything! One of the best power ups in the game, literally nothing can kill you, tanks can't run over you, you can walk over all the mines you want, getting shot 500 times doesn't make your troops blink, and hand to hand combat suddenly became less suicidal! Use when the entire world is against you. Its only fair.

List of upgrades Edit

Encore! Edit

Encore increases the duration of all your power ups by 33%.

Stroke of luck Edit

Stroke of luck double your chances of making power up appear when performing a combo.