Occasionally things go wrong in the game... Here are some of them

phantom soldiers

ocassionaly when in battle an enemy soldier (when killed) will still remain in sprit (These can't harm you in any way). It is unknown how to recreate this glitch as of now.

colour wheel square

Sometimes the power up wheel has a moment and doesn't work. It is unknown why this happens.

Colour wheel glitch

An Example Of The Wheel Glitch

Feel free to add any glitches you have discovered yourself!

Module In Boss

When You Spin Your Bosses Platform, The Next Module You Will Put On Within The Spin-Time Will Go Inside the Boss

Victory At 00:00

When You Pause Right Before You Kill The Boss While It's Off-Screen, It Will Die And Drop Its Card(s), And The Paint Nuke Will Activate Too.

Playable Black Army

When You Delete Tactile Wars And Re-Download It And The Game Finds Your Data After Reinstallation, Sometimes, Your Army Will Be Black As They're Main Color ( Like Paint It Black Or Fade To Black ), This Glitch Is Fixed By Pressing Anything That Takes You Out Of That Screen Completely, Like The Attack Menu.

Infinite Not Infinite Prisms

Sometimes (Is Patched, I Think), When You Start The Game Up Again, Your Prisms Will Show A Number 150x Your Current One ( F.E. If You Had 5 Prisms, The Glitch Would Show 1,500 Prisms ), But When You "Buy" Something With Your Phantom Prisms, The Count Resets Back To Normal, And Unabling You To Buy That Thing.


If Your Mercanary Dies Dies Via A Trapped Slab, The Sprite Right Before It Turns Into That Light Collum Will Just Stay At It's Death Position, Like A Ghost, Very Similar To The Phantom Soldiers Glitch

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