Many Strategies are not shown to players by Tactile Wars. Drawing any shape you want will give you hundreds of possibilities! For example, Compacting your troops in a small area is helpful to get through minefields. However, a tight grouping is like honey to the bee to an enemy tank. Be aware that the larger your group is, the more likely they'll be hit by cannons or turrets. Also, protect your Mercenary. If your units have to be hit, it's better that the weaker, less important troops go first, since losing your mercenary puts you at a massive disadvantage.

Try using your territories as training courses. Practice on avoiding geysers or getting bombed by Heli-units. Remember, if you can pass your defenses, others probably could.

Look up territory combo's online. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you're struggling. That's probably why you came here in the first place, am I right? Some people are better than others at the game, and can offer protective tips on base defense, unit formation, mercenary choice, etc.

Never put yourself in a mindset that says "i'll cream this person." Some of my most devastating defeats came because I was overconfident. A battle is not over until it's either won or lost.

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