"Cannons fires in a straight line like a bowling ball."

Light cannon Armored cannon Heavy cannon
Defense cost 40 Defense cost 60 Defense cost 80?
Purchase Price 45 Purchase Price 65 Purchase Price 85
9 per unit 13 per unit 17 per unit


The cannon is a strong defensive weapon that is even more powerful if combined with mobile defenses (e.g. vannons, tanks, trackers, etc.) Although the cannon is in a fixed position and fires on a set path, it's firing rate is frequent and can wipe out an entire squad of soldiers with one shot. A stationary box cannon that fires in a straight line like a bowling ball. It has the same projectile as a turret with great splash to boot, but with a much deadlier range. It can be very dangerous if one is not careful, allowing other defences to finish you off.


With Edit

Cannons are a GREAT defense the moment you unlock them. This is what I call an "inhibiting defense" much like the mines. Their range allows them to fire from behind the first capture point and constantly cut the battle field in half for the enemy if he's not careful. Their position varies per map, Some are placed to not have enough range to make it to the First capture circle or are off center, others are placed perfectly to kill a Defending Gatling merc. Test your defenses to make sure.

Against Edit

Use Psycho to block cannonballs, which will put less pressure on you. Be sure not to split our pigments into two groups, as Psycho's barrier may not protect them.


Photo Level Name Description Cost 
Coin 2
15 Light Cannon Unlock Light Cannon to improve your defenses. 50
25 Armored Cannon Unlock Light Cannon to improve your defenses. 100
35 Big Birtha Unlock Light Cannon to improve your defenses. 200
37 You shall Not Pass! The fire rate of your cannons is improved by 25%. 390
39 Sabotage! Destroys an enemy cannon before the battle. 390


Traps Mines, Geysers, Trapped Slabs, Tesla Antennas
Artillery Turrets, tanks, cannons, vannons, rototanks, boss
Support Power ups, mercenaries, (skill tree), reserve
Troops Trackers, Snipers, Bunkers, Turtles, Heli-Towers
Territories Expansion, Buget
Training Training, Strategy
Guides Link to guides
MISC Attacking, defending, cards, achievements, hidden achievements, Daily Missions, currency, Armory, medals

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