Attacking Achievements Edit

  • Most of the lower level achievements on this page are from memory, and may be incorrect. if you know the correct requirements or award, please fix the mistake.
  • A Mere Formality,No.1:Win 10 battles, award, 5 prisms. No.2 Win 100 battles, award,10 prisms. No.3, win 500 battles, award,50 prisms. No.4, win 1,000 battles. award,100 prisms.
  • Serial Painter,No.1 repaint 1000 soldiers.award,500 XP. No.2, repaint 10,000 soldiers, award, 1000 XP. No.3,repaint 100,000 soldiers award, 1500 XP.
  • First Line,No.1, eliminate 100 flag bearers, award, 5 prisms. No.2 eliminate 500 flag bearers, award,10 prisms. No.3, eliminate 5000 flag bearers, award, 15 prisms.No.4,eliminate 50,000 flag bearers, award,50 prisms.
  • I'm waiting for you! No.1 complete a combo of 5 flag bearers, award, 50 XP. No.2, complete a combo of 7 flag bearers, award, 100 XP. No.3, complete a combo of 9 flag bearers,award,200 XP

Defense Achievements Edit

Statistic Achievements Edit

Hidden achievements Edit

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